Your Competitors Are Using Video Marketing, You Should Be Too

Video marketing is the new black, to borrow a phrase from the fashion world. Much like fashion, the fast-paced world of digital marketing is ever changing but, while trends come and go, some things remain because they are so essential, so classic, that a wardrobe just wouldn’t work without it. This year, think of your digital marketing campaign as a wardrobe and video marketing as the integral component that ties everything together.


Not sure why video marketing is so important? Let’s explore just a few of the benefits, shall we?

Video Is Easily Sharable

In the age of viral marketing, shareability is key. The more a video is shared, the more exposure you get, and with increased exposure comes increased interest, leads and conversions. More than 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter alone – with a well-made and buzzy video, your message has the potential to meet a huge audience in a short space of time, unlike, say, a marketing email or newsletter.

Video Is Everywhere

Sounds ominous, perhaps, but it’s true all the same. Online video streaming accounts for half of all mobile traffic (source: Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report). YouTube has more than four billion views per day, and 78% of people watch at least one video on the site a week, with 55% watching YouTube videos every single day. The fact that almost everyone is one click away from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you have the opportunity to reach mass audiences 24/7. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Video Is Searchable

Having a number of videos available on your website has the potential to move you higher in search rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, amongst others. It’s also easy to track the success of video marketing campaigns as YouTube have developed extensive analytics to provide you with information on who is viewing your video content – excellent for getting to know your customers a little better.

Video Is Personal

Whether live or animated, a video feels more personal to viewers. It helps viewers identify with your brand, whether they are identifying with the voice-over, an animated character, or whoever and whatever else features in the video. Video content also tends to be more stimulating than text content or static images and we tend to remember videos more than other types of advertising.