What to Expect For Digital Marketing In 2016



The big year of 2015 is coming to an end and we’re all busy frantically preparing for the New Year to come around. Online, you’ll already see a collection of posts covering the many predictions that are set to occur in 2016, so we thought we’d add our two cents in.

So, what exactly can our industry expect next year?

  1. Google will launch its inevitable native network for advertising

For the past year, there have been a couple of leaks about whether this major player is going to give its advertising network the switch from beta status to fully active. This will mean that content publishing will become a huge focus, allowing brands to connect with established bloggers, publications and media websites.

  1. LinkedIn will enter the content publishing realm

Just like Facebook’s current feature, titled “Instant Articles”, it’s expected that LinkedIn will move into doing the same thing, allowing for content syndication that opens up more monetising opportunities for brands across the globe.

  1. Content recommendations will be more relevant

For platforms that we expect to deliver us the most relevant headlines, articles and the like, we can expect to see a huge transformation that betters this service. Quality content is obviously currently a huge focus, but these networks will have the pressure of ensuring delivery is more relevant than ever. Searches will be more on par with what users are seeking answers to, and social networking platforms will also follow suit.

  1. Google will really dive into app indexing

The search giant has offered app indexing for a while now, but with businesses slowly realising the importance of having a dedicated app for their brand, we’ll see more of a mobile explosion. Search visibility will become even more complex in this nature, and we’ll see the introduction of a huge amount of apps, all entering the market in order to better SEO rankings.

  1. Virtual reality will finally arise

It has been a long time coming, but we can finally expect this ground-breaking technology to really make waves. More devices will emerge on the market and we’ll start to see the integration of social media with this field.