Top Twitter Marketing Strategies for 2016

The latest stats from Twitter state that its used base has reached 1.3 billion people with about 29% of them aged between 15 and 34. This network makes one of the best marketing platforms available today. However, to make the most of it, you need to know which promotion strategies will bring you the best results.


The ‘hottest’ Twitter marketing trends in 2016 are:

Introducing videos

The acquisition of Vine and Periscope is the definite proof of the fact that Twitter has embraced the online video trend that has been sweeping the Web. The number of people watching up to 10 online videos daily is growing every day and now the businesses that market through Twitter have access to this incredibly popular and efficient tool.

Breaking the 140 characters limit

With the relevance of content rising constantly, the Twitter 140 characters limit creates a serious obstacle for developing high-quality posts. This problem should soon be solved as the initiative to remove this limitation has been announced not so long ago. We should expect to have an opportunity to create Twitter posts up to 10,000 characters long in the nearest future. This is sure to increase the marketing value of this network greatly, so if your business doesn’t have a Twitter account yet, now is the right time to create one. Building up a follower base takes time, so you should start as soon as possible.

Going mainstream

Adding a Like button may seem like a little thing to many Twitter users, but the impact of this move alone is huge. Little things matter greatly, which is aptly proven by the fact that a simple change of the Like icon from star to heart has increased user engagement by 6% in a single week. Things like this that get Twitter more ‘in tune’ with other mainstream media make the users feel more comfortable and increase their interest. You should make use of this boost in the users’ interest and pay more attention to your Twitter promotion strategy as you will definitely get better results due to the latest interface changes.

Including third-party software

The one Twitter change that is definitely not welcome from the marketing point of view is the abolition of retweet counts. This move has robbed you off a very important metric. However, you can solve this problem by integrating some specialized software with your Twitter account. The developers nowadays can create programs that will effectively collect and process all the relevant metrics to help you measure the success rate of your Twitter campaigns and understand which areas need to be changed.