SEO Never Sleeps

The world of Search Engine Optimisation is rarely settled. Whether it is new strategies being developed or new guidelines being set, it is an ever-changing landscape. One of the few aspects that never seems to change is the primary search engine to target – Google. However, the buck does not stop at this search engine – solid SEO covers all of the bases. It is important to branch out and not rely on the one search engine, as this limits your approach.

As Google has forged its way to the front of the pack – and staunchly held its position – as the main search engine of the internet, it has begun to use advertisements much more prominently. They have begun placing up to 4 ads at the top of every search made, which has severely hindered the importance of where you sit on the page ranking. When almost two-thirds of the search page contains advertisements, Google now dominates search results by themselves. This dramatic shift has already begun to detrimentally affect click through rates from previously high ranking landing pages.

With Google taking over their own search results, SEO specialists are already looking to jump ship and find an equally powerful search engine to tap into. However, this is not the smart move. Trying to branch out with more than one search engine will hedge your bets and expand your audience. Microsoft’s Bing has had a torrid time of things from the get-go, however, it is still fighting for its place online. Other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, are beginning to gain traction by offering up more secure searches. Better yet, as far as self-imposed advertising, DuckDuckGo only has two ads compared to Google’s four.

Keeping on the cusp of SEO success involves staying dynamic. One tactic is to move over to social media platforms which generate insane amounts of traffic outside of Google’s reach. In January 2016 alone, Facebook sent more than 3.5 billion desktop visits to other web pages. Other channels, such as Twitter and generate a lot of traffic that is waiting to be tapped into., for example, is the number one referral site globally and generates 385 million outgoing desktop visits. All told, if you can tailor your SEO to one or all of these, you have a mammoth market at your disposal.