Marketing Tips: How to Use Your Instagram Account Efficiently

The number of active daily Instagram users is about 75 million people. This means that this social media network is a major source of prospective customers, so it definitely should be included in your marketing strategy. This is even more important if your targeted groups of customers are teenagers and young adults as about 30% of them believe Instagram to be the most important among social media.

We offer a few tips that will help you make a better use of your account on this network.insta

Take the Right Pictures

Instagram is all about pictures, so your most important task is to learn how to make attractive photos that will enhance your brand image. Use the Square Photo feature on your smartphone or digital camera to take shots that will be optimized to the network’s format by default. This will not only save you time on cropping and formatting images but also helps you learn the right way of building a composition for a great Insta shot.

Develop a Strategic Bio

The general account settings offered by this network are extremely limited, so you need to be wise about your bio. It must be concise and list your most attractive features first. It might be good to list your most important services that are bound to catch the attention of prospective customers. Try to be witty as making people smile is a great driver for generating leads and enhancing customer loyalty.

Most importantly, always include a link to your website in the bio. The link should lead to a landing page with the posts from your Instagram account.

Promote Your Business Partners

Hashtags, mentions, and reposts are great business drivers. Tag in your partners in your posts or outright promote their products/services in order to receive the same treatment in return. This type of support is mutually beneficial as you both get access to the other’s follower base, thereby boosting your business’s visibility.

Use Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags change fast as the flow of information through the Internet never stops. Therefore, you’ll need to start with identifying the most popular hashtags. Do this by signing up for relevant news channels. Next, you’ll need to get on with the trend fast to make sure you get a bit of exposure before the trend passes. It’s best to choose hashtags that are relevant to your brand and region, such as local events, charity campaigns, etc.
Establishing an Instagram channel is a great way to get more exposure as well as generate leads. Use this network to build a stronger relationship with your customers and be sure to keep your Insta updates original, informative, and consistent.