It’s About Time We Had a Chat—FB Creates New Work Chat

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Facebook, platform for finding the latest news, a great way to find old high school friends, or a bit of a procrastination aid—no matter what you think about it, you can’t deny it is one successful social media giant.

Many of us have been guilty of taking a sneaky peak at our newsfeeds on our coffee break—not during work time of course, we’re all professional, right? Now it seems we’ll have a legitimate excuse to log on to our Facebook accounts during work hours with the creation of a new chat app developed for enterprise businesses.

It’s all about the open lines of communication

So, what’s so great about a new chat app? Ask any business about the core fundamentals when working with a large number of co-workers, and undoubtedly one of the first things that will be mentioned is communication. With many enterprises having numerous office locations, whether it be across the country or around the world, keeping those lines of communication open can become quite the challenge.

Just send an email you say? Spend a day in a busy office with all of your employees emailing about the latest project and you will quickly see just how time-consuming this can become. Not only this, but often things fall between the cracks and you spend ages waiting for that crucial reply to your question.

How Work Chat works

Similar to the consumer version, which has a standalone Messenger app, the Work Chat will act as a separate messaging app to Facebook at Work. With the app, users will be able to send direct messages to other employees, either one-on-one or in group chats. They will also be able to share information such as videos and images. Of course, some things are best left explained vocally. That is why you will also be able to make calls when required—seems like they have thought of it all.

Hold on there…

Before you go rushing to install it and start messaging your colleagues, it’s important to mention that Work Chat is currently in the process of private testing. With around 300 businesses using the new platform, the official unveiling is expected this coming January. For now at least, we will have to settle for getting out of our office chairs and walking to the other side of the office, or creating that generic e-mail on our commute to work.