How to Succeed with Google AdWords

Today Google AdWords is one of the most popular online advertising services. It’s a great way to get your page out in front of the audience you are targeting. Things are looking even better for the service now that Google is implementing images into their ads. With that said, it’s important to know what you’re doing when you start buying these ads. If you don’t have a solid plan it’s very easy to end up wasting money.

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When it comes to AdWords, there’s no one sure-fire way to succeed. Some things generally work better than others, but if you want to find what you need to succeed you have to try different things out. Some will work, some will fail, but as long as you learn from your experiments you’ll be more successful because of them in the long run. Create different ad campaigns and compare how they perform. Just remember to only change one variable at a time so you can make an accurate comparison.

Also, remember to try things different from what you are automatically assigned by Google. Their standard settings aren’t necessarily right for your site’s needs. Remember that you are looking for conversion, not necessarily clicks. Google wants you to pay for as many clicks as possible, so that’s what they try and encourage. At least make sure you turn off “Automatic bidding” under bidding options because that usually only benefits Google. They care about quantity, you care about quality.

Make sure that your keywords are targeted. This means that you want to aim for a specific audience. If you are selling red dresses you want to use keywords that use the words “red dresses.” You could advertise using the more general word “dresses” but you’ll end up paying for a lot of visitors who aren’t necessarily looking for what you’re selling. Remember, you’re paying for each click. You know that people will come to the site, you just want to make sure the right people are showing up. You don’t want to waste your money and visitor’s time.

Do your research. There are a lot of tools out there for finding out how your ads are succeeding. Google provides a lot of them for free. If you want to get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to dig deep into the statistics they give you to see what’s working and what isn’t. You should also be looking at what shows up when people Google your keywords. What will attract customers to your ad over the rest of the information available on the page?

The people who are most successful with AdWords are those who are never satisfied. They keep trying new things and are a little wiser for it. They try out multiple campaigns, testing for the best words and locations. Just because a certain ad works today doesn’t mean that it will work as well tomorrow or next year. You have to be flexible if you want to keep up in a constantly changing marketplace.