How Music is Playing a Part in Consumer Behaviour

Some of us are the quiet types that listen to soft lyrical lullabies. Some of us are metal-heads that enjoy a good, solid session of loud notes. Believe it or not, these genre interests are playing a huge role in consumer habits – something marketers should be using to their advantage.

Markets from across the globe are gaining more and more of an insight into just how the individual interests of consumers are evident in music playlists. Where no two lists of songs is the same, marketers may just be able to gain an unsurpassed look into how their consumers are personified, or possibly, predict their behaviour. Imagine having that weapon in your belt as a marketing agency. It’s real, and it’s there to be looked at.


Think of a music playlist as a fingerprint

Just as we said before, one person may be prone to listening to heavy-duty pieces, whilst others may be pop lovers or blues fanatics. No matter their interests, marketers can conduct their own research by exploring the music playlists of their target audiences (it may take some creativity to gain access, though – think Spotify, perhaps). Essentially, the music playlist of a person can almost be looked at like a fingerprint – its one-of-a-kind and actually a great exploration of how your target audience thinks.

Setting the mood

Markets have long believed that music can influence the purchase decisions of consumers. Think of restaurants, urban stores, or even a shopping market – all of them will play different genres of music, each most likely designed to influence the buyer into being in the “zone” of the store they’re in. For example, heading into a massage boutique means you’re probably going to be exposed to calming, peaceful tones – ones designed to relax you. Meanwhile, if you walk into an urban streetwear store, you’re probably going to hear some rap. Each of these will most likely have an effect on those within the atmosphere, and marketers have been quick to notice that.


Taking advantage

Marketers who are actually interested in making use of these avenues of interest can make use of platforms like the Shazam app, which gives professionals the chance to find out what the most sought after tunes are, allowing them to use them in their own strategies.

Not too sure about all of this? Head into your local toy store and see what kind of music they’re playing, then observe how the kids react.