Getting to Know Social Media Optimisation

In today’s world, social networking is the new word of mouth. Businesses can take advantage of a variety of social platforms to increase brand awareness, boost traffic to their site, and even create conversions. But how can you use social media to your best advantages?

This is where SMO (otherwise known as Social Media Optimisation) comes into play. A proper campaign will directly—and positively—affect SEO efforts, helping your website to gain authority and visibility online. When done right, SMO can be your online marketing best friend. This is due to the ever increasing weight search engines are placing on social networks. Basically, if your online presence includes multiple social platforms, search engines may be more inclined to rank you higher on search results.

Regardless of your business, it is recommended to implement social campaigns across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr (amongst others).eye-1553789_1920

Ultimately, SMO maintains a focus on driving traffic from other sources, besides the typical search engine. In addition, this marketing tactic can target geographically, which can enable businesses to reach customers based on their location. Lead generation and high conversion rates are seen more often with businesses that implement a proper social media optimisation strategy, rather than those sticking to strictly traditional tactics.

Amongst social media marketers, there are some general rules and guidelines that should be kept in in mind while you are running a social media optimisation campaign. These 16 ‘rules’ can ensure you’re able to properly engage audiences and gain worthwhile traction.  A few of these elements include:

  1. Increase your links
  2. Make sure bookmarking and tagging are easy to spot and easy to do
  3. Reward any inbound links
  4. Help any of content you have travel
  5. Encourage mashups
  6. Become a resource for users, even if this doesn’t help you
  7. Reward any valuable and helpful users
  8. Join in on the conversation. Participation is important
  9. Know your audience and how to target them
  10. Create lots of content
  11. Maintain the human element. Be genuine and real
  12. Stay humble.
  13. Don’t fear trying out new things. It helps you stay fresh
  14. Make sure you have developed a great SMO strategy
  15. Choose tactics carefully
  16. Make sure SMO becomes a part of your businesses best practices and your processes.


This type of campaign can also help your online presence grow beyond simple online reach—your physical one can take advantage too, reaping the benefits of more walk-in traffic and loyal customers.