Facebook to Launch Facial Function on Messenger App

Well, with Facebook consistently improving and adding to their existing apps and website platform, it comes as no surprise that the social giant has set its sights on facial recognition functions. This new element is currently in testing as the company looks to expand the way its software operates.

To be titled “Photo Magic”, this feature will give users the capability of sharing photos more easily to friends that are “facially recognised” in photos. This means users can distribute photos to those featured in images, immediately after taking them.

Image credit: 'The Verge'.

Image credit: ‘The Verge’.

Currently, testing has been rolled out across iOS and Android users in Australia, and there are big hopes that this new function will bring a more streamlined experience for active Facebookers.

Similar to the already popular “Moments” feature, this concept will notify users to share images to friends when those people are detected in their camera roll.
More notably, this feature will be showing up in the Messenger apps of users as early as this week, but if users choose not to opt-in, they will not see any recommendations for photos they take.

For those that are concerned about their own privacy, this Messenger add-on will follow the settings that are already set by that particular user. For example, a user who has chosen not to be tagged in photos will not be able to have their faces detected.

The experiment is only being rolled out through Australia, but the company is hoping to launch it across multiple regions, if the feedback lives up the expectations. For now, we’re all eyes on exactly how the company will choose to distribute access to this app, and if opinions will all the glory that Facebook are expecting it to be—all eyes are on this!