5 Types of Visuals to Use in Your Marketing Campaign


Visuals are an essential part of any marketing campaign. Any article with an image gets about 94% more views than plain text, and in social media posts with attractive pictures collect up to 150% reposts.

In this article we will explain which types of visuals you should use when to achieve the best results these amazing marketing tools have to offer.


#1 Infographics

Infographics provide your customers with a host of interesting data presented in a condensed and very attractive form. Therefore, they are the most efficient type of visuals you can use. Be sure to order high-quality pieces from professionals as a poorly done infographic will do more harm than good. These visuals can be used in a variety of situations. As long as you have any relevant information you want your prospective customers to learn, you can turn it into an infographic to receive a better response from your audience.

#2 Pictures

Simple images included in your blog posts and social network accounts will do more to attract attention to the article than even the cleverest title. You  also need to include images in long articles to ‘soften’ the text and make it more visually appealing and interesting to read. According to statistics, people memorize information about 3 times more efficiently if there is a relevant image attached to it. Use this property of the human brain to not only draw attention but also make readers remember your posts.

#3 Memes

The Internet created memes, so not using them in your marketing strategy will be a huge mistake. They aren’t very informative, but they are fun and can make your posts stand out in a newsfeed. Use clever memes for your social media posts to establish a stronger connection with your customers.

#4 Screenshots

Screenshots are often underestimated as visuals, but their value for tech instructions is huge. If you specialize in software products, posting screenshots is a must. They go well in various educational articles, for example, detailing installation process.

#5 Videos

This type of visuals has been gaining popularity extremely fast as the number of people watching online videos on a daily basis is increasing. This marketing tool is extremely versatile. You can create great video ads, guides, and even post video blogs that will help you connect with your customers.

In Conclusion

Any digital marketing campaign with a chance of success must include various types of visuals. Versatility is essential when selecting these tools as each has its own advantages. Try to use different combinations of pictures, infographics, videos, memes, and screenshots to achieve the best marketing results.