3 very possible digital marketing shifts we’ll see in 2016

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As we count down the days until the world is in party mode to welcome the New Year, it’s not difficult to lose sight of the prize a little bit. To help you stay on track until the final whistle is blown and the working year comes to a close, we’ve decided to give you a list of a few things that might get you super-excited to come back into the office. While they’re predictions, they’re predictions that are based on murmurs throughout the industry greats, as well as emerging trends that appear to be pointing in each of their directions. It’s entirely up to you whether you take them with a grain of salt, or you take note to re-evaluate their possible legitimacy in your own time.

  1. There’ll be a shift from storytelling to experience

For many years now, it’s been brands talking at consumers. Looking back to the ‘Mad Men’ days when advertising greats like David Ogilvy were kings of the marketing castle, a whole lot has changed.

Nowadays it’s simply not enough for brands to tell their story, explain why consumers should choose them, and sit back expecting a huge spike in profits. The introduction of social media has caused a shift, and with that shift we’ve seen consumers expect more. The ability to talk with consumers in real-time gives brands an edge over their competitors, provided they’re adept at doing so. Instead of storytelling marketing we’re all used to, next year there we’ll see brands bring consumers into the story to become a part of it themselves.

  1. Viva la video

Even though we can all see that video is quite popular as it stands currently, we predict that next year there’ll be a surge ahead across all devices. Mobile providers are constantly increasing their data limits, and compounding that with the faster speeds we receive on the go, all signs point to video. One of the best things about leveraging video is that so much cab run off it; images and audio can be cropped and used throughout different platforms, unifying the brand’s message.

  1. Content remains king

We’re not going to make a huge thing about how important content is, because you’ve heard it a million times before (and if you haven’t – content is immensely important). But without the knowledge necessary to break through the myriad other brands talking at the same time, your message will be lost.

Throughout 2015, we saw Google’s algorithm updates pushing better quality content, and we reckon we’ll see it much more next year too.